40 days and 40 nights.

i arrived to new york a few days ago on a trip that will see me through 40 days and 40 nights of eating, writing, and walking through a city that i loved before i knew.

i’m here for the most part to finish writing a book i started last year. it’s a book about the experiences i had in building my first startup; it’s a summary of all the mistakes that i made and the lessons i gained from making them. it still needs a lot of work, so as tempting as it is spending every day exploring, i’m going to have to have a few long afternoons with my laptop, moleskin by my side and a large cup of coffee. and luckily for my love of all things chocolate, today i’ve discovered a charming coffee bar that happens to serve a mean nutella caffe latte. it also happens to be full of books with uncracked bindings and topics so eclectic i can’t figure out how or why they got here. i seem to be the only one coughing or making any noise in this quiet and quaint sanctuary as my lungs are still adjusting to the summer heat and humidity.

no one is distracted by my interruptions though; i’m surrounded by over 8 million people too busy with their own stories to care for mine, and the 17 patrons here today don’t seem to be any different.

back to the nutella: it’s a little less latte and a little more heaven-sent-dessert. but i won’t come back for it. i’m challenging myself to write somewhere new each day.┬ásame goes for restaurants, food trucks and farmers’ markets. i’m in a gastronomical paradise and have read that if i ate a different place every day it would take me over 12 years to try everything this city has to offer. i’m definitely not shortchanging myself in the next 6 weeks.

is there really a better way to experience this?

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