the streets of san francisco.

it’ll be two months tomorrow since i left home, since i packed up my moleskins full of notes and reminders, since i said goodbye to lifelong friends, since my father stuffed five dollars in my purse and joked that this would be an important moment to look back on for a cliched success story.

it’ll be one month tomorrow since i’ve moved into my apartment, since i cleaned my first batch of laundry in a decade, since i picked out my furniture and set my mug on the windowsill to enjoy my morning coffee, since i started to think of myself as living here.

i know the shortcuts now, the streets to avoid, the steep hills that don’t show up on a map when i plan my walks across the city. i understand the weather patterns, how you can almost go through four seasons in one day, and that a scorching hot and humid summer isn’t something i’ll likely experience living here, neither is a freezing snow storm.

i have a favorite park, a favorite doughnut stand, and new speed dials on my phone.

it was instinct that brought me here – an idea, a feeling, an internal force. and as i’ve spent my days walking through the streets of san francisco, i already realize this city has the potential to give me even more than i came here looking for.

eat write walk blogger nina mufleh visiting the 16th ave tiled steps project in san francisco.

photo credit: megan merati.

walking on the golden gate bridge. a view of the san francisco sky line from coit tower

fort mason, san francisco

photo credit: megan merati.

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18 Responses to the streets of san francisco.

  1. Haleh says:

    It was about time for a new blog! Loved it as usual!!


  2. Shoreh Merati says:

    As usual… FAntastic💝

    Shoreh Merati, CIPS, TRC – Certified International Property Specialist – Transnational Referral Certification – Residential Real Estate Financial Analysis – Beverly Hills/GLAAR Global Committee Board Member (310) 502-3070 Lic.# 01924801 Keller Williams International Luxury Estates



  3. AWHarris Jr. says:

    You’re a true inspiration … Continue to take risks and follow your internal force. Wishing you all the best! I’m sure this move will turn out to be the best decision ever. Keep faith!


    • eatwritewalk says:

      thank you so much windell! your support and encouragement are always very appreciated. will miss you all in amman as you kick off some awesome celebrations next month. enjoy it and hope our paths cross again soon.


  4. zina says:

    you’re one of a kind!!! after reading this you put a smile on my face!!


  5. Omar Rawi says:

    Great blog! looking forward to reading more soon


  6. farah says:

    i love you!x


  7. Awesome Nina! This adventure is going to be an awesome one :)


  8. Evelyn Qubti says:

    Very beautiful Nina, as always. Very colorful, artistic and with lots of character. I am sure the city is beautiful and has lots to offer. But it takes talent and professionalism to capture that … and it goes without saying, you have that :) I sure hope you will find whatever you are looking for :)


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