new york, i love you.

i’ve spent my last few days secluded in my sanctuary. futile attempts at completing a long abandoned chapter of my manuscript have left me a little frustrated. my wishes that the creative styles trapped away in the books on my shelves would influence me by proximity have gone unanswered.

it’s no wonder that i can’t concentrate on the harsh glare of the blank screen in front of me. with any spare moment that i have, i distract myself by flipping through old pictures of my time away. i analyze every pixel in an effort to relive the moments that i captured. and with any friend that mentions an upcoming trip there, i’ve found myself planning their schedule as if the act of recommending where they should go would be enough to quench my desires to be back there.

i once thought it would be too cliched to credit a city for inspiring me, but i now understand that it can do just that. my mind was more playful when i started my days by sauntering through the streets of the west village. my senses were sharper when i devoured meals that were prepared with pristine ingredients.

and because i would love for anyone passing through new york, be it for a weekend or a lifetime, to leave with the same appreciation, i’ve decided to publish my input of all that i tried on this trip.

click here to download your weekend guide through new york.

or here for a comprehensive list of my new york 2013 experience.

and if while you’re there, you see something that i’ve missed, please come back and leave a note in the comments below so i’ll be sure to sample it when i go back.

p.s. a big thank you to the guys at immaculate infatuation. the app was the most valuable resource that i had in discovering the culinary side of the city. and thank you to rakan ammouri, from lazy looz, who pointed me towards it.

mouthwatering oysters from 'the spotted pig'.

delicious cheeseburger from 'the spotted pig. the blue cheese is quite sharp but leaves a memorable taste.

l'asso's delicious pizza.

the world's most delicious burger: the 'black label burger' from minetta tavern.

the world's best pastrami sandwich from katz' deli.

korzo burger where they deep fry the bun and stuff the burger with cheese and bacon. unbelievably delicious.

the incredible pumpkin flavor whopping pie from brooklyn's "one girl cookies".

the creative and delicious crème brule doughnuts from 'the doughnut plant'.

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  1. Vilma Garcia says:

    Nina,I love how you write. You make me feel like I’m in the places you describe. I enjoy reading. Plus I get very valuable information.


  2. Nina! this is #FoodPorn officially! The guide and the list unbelievable.


  3. Serene Shalan says:

    nina, i love you.

    On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 12:43 PM, eatwritewalk


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