this blog is mainly for friends + family who want to stay updated with what i’m doing, but all readers are welcome. 

leave your thoughts where i might have inspired you to have some. otherwise, thanks for just passing through. 

– nina

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  1. Hi Nina, I hope you’re well! I’m sure you get inundated by requests like this, but we at Topicswapping.com were wondering whether you would be interested in writing a short blog post for us on using the internet to land your dream job! We’re a small startup website dedicated to guidance, tips, and fun posts that can help people follow their dreams by changing careers or degree subjects. Let us know if you’re interested by email topicswapping.com. Thanks so much!


  2. Wilson says:

    hey, nice blog and amazing campaign! thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience


  3. Nina – i would like to have a word with you about my new startup http://topideator.com.


  4. Dear Nina,

    What an inspiring story you have! I’d like to invite you to join my virtual team on http://www.mobtakeron.com as a marketer! Online working is amazingly changing the world and this is what I’m trying to do. It’ll be my pleasure in fact if you join us.

    For more info, message me.
    Kind Regards


  5. Hi!

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for publishing the white pages on your experiment. I am just getting into the business of marketing and viral media myself and found your content to be by far the most invaluable resource I have come across. As someone who has experienced rampant frustration at not feeling able to be “heard”, your eloquent yet scientific approach (and breakdown!) were absolutely appreciated.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors!


  6. Hi there! i just want to thank you for adding value to a lot of people’s lives. Definitely inspired me to take charge of my own fate and actions, rather than just do it the normal way / going with the flow.

    How’s your book coming out? I’d love to read it. I think your writings are fantastic! Good luck!!


    • eatwritewalk says:

      thank you so much, shq! it means a lot to hear that. i’m no longer working on the book, though i’ll keep posting blogs and updates about my adventures here. hope you continue to stop by.


  7. Wiebke Busch says:

    Dear Nina,
    what a unique and clever way to apply. I really hope, it’s going to work. Airbnb must be stupid not to hire someone so enthusiastic and smart! Press my thumbs.
    Unfortunately I can’t offer you a job. But me and my family (two kids, 8 and 5) are planning a trip to San Francisco in October and I wonder, if you could give us any tips where to stay (we would love to stay at an airbnb-place)where to go and stuff. So we can fall in love with the city like you did.

    Thank you and good luck!

    PS: And if you fancy a trip to Hamburg, let me know and I’ll show you the best places of my favorite city.


    • eatwritewalk says:

      thanks for stopping by my blog, wiebke! and for your encouragement about my campaign.

      october is a great time to visit san francisco. there are a lot of activities going on which you can find on sosh.com and you can get all the best food recommendations from theinfatuation.com. as for where to stay, each neighborhood has its own character here so i would recommend finding one that fits what type of experience you’re looking to have. one of my favorites is the mission – it has a high concentration of delicious food, a lot of art, and things to do.


  8. Yaansoon says:

    Hello Nina,
    I am a new follower of Wamda.com and I just read this article about you: http://www.wamda.com/2015/04/jordanian-girl-got-innovative-attention-airbnb
    As a fellow Jordanian, I just wanted to wish you the very best of luck with Airbnb; I truly enjoyed reading your nina4Airbnb website… very intelligent and creative. Getting an endorsement by HM Queen Noor on twitter is also very inspiring.
    I have a small handmade project that I started a while back, but I come from a music and PR background – you take PR to a whole new level. All the best of luck!


  9. Eva says:

    Hi Nina!
    I am Eva Anta From MarvelCrowd Spain, we are an international network of influencers and after reading your blog, we think that maybe you could be interested in collaborate with us in a content marketing project with one of our clients.

    They are related to travel, tourism and global money exchange with activity in Jordania.
    Please let us know if you could be interested and I will let you know all the details.

    Reply me to eva@marvelcrowd.com and I’ll give you more information.


  10. Moa'bite says:

    I am a passer by and just wanted to say hello. But also, maybe also ask a question? Why do not you use capitalization? To save time in typing? Does’t capitalizations make writing more beautiful?


    • eatwritewalk says:

      thanks for stopping by, moa’bite. not using capitalization is just a habit i picked up a while back when writing notes for myself as opposed to more professional writing that i sometimes do (where i do capitalize properly). it doesn’t have anything to do with saving time; it’s an aesthetic choice more than anything else. i also feel it gives more of a free-flowing stream of consciousness style to my writing. hope you enjoyed the content!


      • Moa'bite says:

        It is none of my business but I have never entered into a Blog and found its owner not-using capitalization properly. Because you got used to it, then you certainly will feel that “it gives more of a free-flowing stream of consciousness style to [your] writing”.

        In my modest option, it would be a “better” aesthetic option to respect capitalization!

        The final choice is ceratinly yours. I hope that you are not angry with this opinion.

        Yes, the content is good. However, I did not continue reading because I felt something is different than usual.

        Good luck :)


      • So that’s the vibe I was picking up, while reading about the coconut donut (or whatever that delicious looking pastry was:)… A free-flowing stream of consciousness. i like it. Was just reading into Airbnb and stumbled upon your blog; hope you get the job!


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