i’m feeling positively disoriented today. not even sure how long i’ve been back from los angeles, i’m a little overwhelmed with confusion. how could my time in a city that operates at such a slow pace, pass by so quickly?

i keep checking my phone for confirmation. yep, it’s august. my days of dipping my paws in the pacific are over. the sounds of gentle breaking of waves are replaced by sirens that chase me around manhattan.

only a week ago, i was tucked away in the magical confines of the ivy’s pleasant patio, debating if i wanted their deceitfully filling grilled vegetable salad or their mouth watering mac and cheese. of course, i had both. and who could resist their tart-a-tan that is so consistently amazing? the sweet taste of the dessert coupled with the fantastic company of family completed the meal.

only five days ago, i stumbled into the rose bowl to witness one of the most intensely perfect musical experiences of my life. i sat in amazement as i took in the details that made the show so exquisite. the lights and the beats mixed together like a symphony while jay z and justin timberlake traded center stage as they lived up to the tour’s title: they are legends of the summer.

only three days ago, i was frantically running around the city trying to wrap up all my errands as if i couldn’t get them done back in new york, and ended my afternoon on the deck’s of nobu’s latest feat. the perfection of his signature dishes that i first tasted nearly 10 years ago are infinitely more exciting to the pallet in this setting. from the bahamas to beijing, he serves up nearly identical dishes, but only in malibu do the jalapenos taste a bit sharper atop the yellowtail, the miso a bit sweeter by the black cod.

and yet here i am today, confused by my own timeline. a little sad that each of those experiences, and the many in between, are already transforming into dream-like memories whose vibrancy is bound to eventually fade a little. already nostalgic for the people and places that i left behind, and already excited and eager for the next time i’ll go back.

eat write walk blogger nina mufleh at urth cafe in los write walk blogger nina mufleh with her sister at the ivy in los angeles. walking on santa monica beach.walking on santa monica beach.

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  1. Ghassan Mufleh says:

    cant wait to see you in Amman.


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